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Today we are going to share the Best Malayalam Trolls that will make you laugh. Reading trolls helps us to have fun and gain informations about the current social circumstances. Trolls express ideas in a simple and humorous way, so everyone likes to read trolls.

Troll Malayalam 

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Best Trolls of Troll Malayalam

1. Your reaction when you see your old classmate's profile pic who is working as a driver in Gulf.

2. That theppist moment,

3. That pling moment of an aanapremi,

4. Dad's reaction,

5. Pling moment of an innocent husband,


6. When you see your chunks Bio in Facebook, ( troll malayalam)

7. That Ambi moment,

9. The dates calculated by cellular networks,

10. That pling moment of Bahubali,

11. Everything is business, lol..


12. The reaction of a jackfruit,

13. The saveor of the world,

14. That Kallumalakathil kammal moment, (troll malayalam)

15. An innocent student,

16. Why I didn't think it early?

17. This hasn't mixed... Fb new reaction.

18. That padippies reaction,

19. That Sangi's moment,


20. Yes! Inauguration...

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