TamilRockers Malayalam(2020): Are you in search of the latest TamilRockers Malayalam Movies? Then you are in the correct place. In this article, we are going to see the new links and some detailed information about Tamilrockers Malayalam. So if you are new to know about how this torrent site works, then continue reading this post.

tamilrockers malayalam

About TamilRockers Malayalam

TamilRockers Malayalam is the most famous pirated website in India which leaks the latest Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bollywood and Hollywood movies in their website from which we can either watch them online or download them in high quality. As we all know Tamilrockers scoops all the latest movies on their website. Located on Southern India Tamil Rockers leaks all the latest movies on the release date. This brings a huge headache to the Indian Film Industry. As a result of it Indian Govt. blocks all the links to TamilRockers Malayalam Movies.

How do TamilRockers Operate?

"TamilRockers Malayalam website" is the most popular pirated website to download the latest HD movies and TV Shows. On the starting, Tamilrockers has focused on uploading Malayalam and Tamil Movies but now the release Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil Dubbed movies and more. Apart from the latest movies TamilRockers website also leaks Web Series, Tv-Shows, Documentaries for illegal downloads.

Apart from Movies and Videos, TamilRockers website has Forum and Request System. The Forum is designed for discussion. Mostly people from the South India States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Hyderabad are the unique visitors to TamilRockers. In the Request system, users can request any pirated videos.

As I already said, TamilRockers Websites are a huge headache for the Film Industry in India. Due to the many cases Indian Govt. blocked all the TamilRockes domains.  TamilRockers Malayalam is the first link that was blocked. Whenever links are blocked TamilRockers always reborn with a new link or new domain URL. Means they simply change the domain URL and transfer their website database to another server.

Categories of TamilRockers Latest Website (2020)

TamilRockers latest website has a wide variety of features which is why the site is popular for latest HD movies downloading. Some of them are listed below.
  • TamilRockers HD Tamil Movies
  • TamilRockers Malayalam Movies
  • Tamil Rockers Latest Tv Shows
  • TamilRockers Upcoming Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Search Movies to Download
  • Live Streaming - Users can watch movies without downloading movies

The site has a very good design and user-friendliness. The site will smoothly work on Pc and mobile devices.  Movies can be downloaded in 320p, 720p and 1080p quality.

How to download Movies from TamilRockers Malayalam (2020)? 

Everyone can easily download and watch the latest Movies online in Tamilrockers Website. Follow the below steps to download Latest TamilRockers Movie.

1. Visit TamilRockers latest website.

2. Search the Movie you want to download in the Search Bar.

3. Now you will be redirected to another page with 2 options, Stream or Download Hd

4. Select 'Stream' if you want to watch the movie online else Select 'Download Hd' to download the movie

5. That's it! Enjoy your movie.

Note: If you are not a TamilRockers registered user you have to watch some advertisements or some annoying Pop-ups. Don't feel annoyed, you have to be patient to download movies from TamilRockers because nothing is free in this world. 

Is it Illegal to download movies from TamilRockers Malayalam?

Yes, It is illegal to download or watch movies from any pirated websites. Piracy is a crime in most of the countries in the world including India. If you ever caught for downloading or streaming any pirated contents then the Govt. has the right to punish you according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Piracy is a crime so be safe.

So we recommend all of our readers to avoid visiting illegal and pirated sites.

What is TamilRockers New Link 2020 {*Updated*}

TamilRockers new links will change frequently as the Govt. ban the website link. As all of the people know about TamilRockers 2020 website, Out of 100% only about 5% people know about TamilRockers New Link. Here are the Latest TamilRockers New Domains

  • tamilrockers.ws  ---- {*Working on 22 March 2020*}
  • tamilrockers.re
  • tamilrockers.gr
  • tamilrockers.li
  • tamilrockers.be
  • tamilrockers.ac
  • tamilrockers.tw
  • tamilrockers.net
  • tamilrockers.cx
  • tamilrockers.co
  • tamilrockers.com
  • tamilrockers.lv
  • tamilrockers.cz
  • tamilrockers.ai
  • tamilrockers.cl
  • tamilrockers.hn
  • tamilrockers.az
  • tamilrockers.vu
  • tamilrockers.la
  • tamilrockers.in
  • tamilrockers.mx
  • tamilrockers.ru
  • tamilrockers.az
  • tamilrockers .la
  • tamilrockers.vs
  • tamilrockers.mz
  • tamilrockers.ws
  • tamilrockers.by
  • tamilrockers.ph
  • tamilrockers.bz
  • tamilrockers.cl
  • tamilrockers.to
  • tamilrockers.nz
  • tamilrockers.vc
  • tamilrockers.gs
  • tamilrockers.lu
  • tamilrockers.py
  • tamilrockers.yt
  • tamilrockers.cr
  • tamilrockers.hs
  • tamilrockers.im
  • tamilrockers.ms
  • tamilrockers.sh
  • tamilrockers.tf
  • tamilrockers.st
  • tamilrockers.ci
  • tamilrockers.gd
  • tamilrockers.cc
  • tamilrockers.mv
  • tamilrockers.tel
  • tamilrockers.iv
  • tamilrockers.le
  • tamilrockers.mu
  • tamilrockers.la
  • tamilrockers.tu
  • tamilrockers.at
  • tamilrockers.net
  • tamilrockers.tv
  • tamilrockers.vs
  • tamilmv.vc
  • tamilrockers.nu
  • tamilrockers.fi
  • tamilrockers.iv
  • tamilrockers.com (Malayalam)
  • tamilrockers.com (Telugu)
  • tamilrockerrs.pl

What to do if none of the above links works?

The Department of Indian Telecommunications will block all the pirated sites in India. If any of the links don't work, I have a trick for you to access TamilRockers latest website to download the latest Hd movies and Web series.

Visit http://www.tamilrockers.com or any illegal sites you will see a message like,

“ Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India ”

The site will be blocked by the Department of Telecommunications. But there is a trick to access the banned sites.

Trick to Find the New Link of TamilRockes Latest Website/Domain (2020)

When the time you visit this page, If none of the websites work follows this simple trick to get the latest TamilRockers new link of the website to download Hd Movies.


  • Any VPN App  (Virtual Privat Network) 

How do I get TamilRockers New Link?

  1. Download any VPN App from Google PlayStore (Android Users) or download any Softwares for Pc users.
  2. Connect the VPN App to any server other than India. (select USA servers)
  3. Then open your browser and visit www.tamilrockers.com 
  4. Now you will be redirected to the latest website.
  5. Disconnect Vpn if you have slow speed.
  6. Search your desired movie and either download or watch them online.

How much do TamilRockers Earn?

TamilRockers Earns up to 5K - 10K USD ( 5,00,000 - 7,00,000 Indian Rupees) every month from their website. The main source of earning of TamilRockers is Advertisements like Pop-Up Ads from Third Party Advertisers other than Google Adsense.

What are TamilRockers Website 2020 Alternatives?

Like TamilRockers domain there are many other pirated websites in India for downloading the latest Hd movies. Same as TamilRockes site they are also banned by the Indian Govt. Some of the alternative websites are mentioned below.

Say No to Piracy!

The above-mentioned sites are the best alternatives to download Hd movies. You can visit all the above sites at your own risk. We are not responsible for any kind of misuse of this post. This is only for educational purposes.

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We kpsc-thulasi.com don't recommend you to download movies from any of the pirated sites like TamilRockers.com, TamilRockers.co, TamilRockes.ws or any other pirated sites. Always watch movies from Theaters or any other official sources to watch the movie. 

We are strictly against all type of piracy sites. The information provided here is only for educational purposes to understand and keep away from illegal activities. Please don't visit any banned sites. It's against the rules.

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